Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dual Flyer Experiments : "The Long Holiday" and "Northern Arts Forum"

I created two works for the flyer assignment, in midst of preparing for my own graduate-level community arts project in Reno, NV.

PROJECT A : The Long Holiday. Performance/Flyer Piece.
PROJECT B : Northern Arts Forum. Interactive/Flyer Piece.

A : The Long Holiday
Timeframe : 2.14.12-2.15.12 (Time Specific, In Essence)

For this flyer piece (which was actually conceived after
Northern Arts Forum), I analyzed the commercial holiday
Valentines Day. Being single, I had rather repressive feelings
toward it, as a lot did. I decided to go a very dark humor
route with it. I looked up an article concerning the 16 dispar-
aging facts about Valentines Day. Among the facts was that
75% of suicides were related to relationship problems.

A penny dropped. Does that even have to do with V-Day?
It seemed to be a cry for help, both in the article writing and
emotional sense. So I compared it to the recent Occupy movement
and made the "I WAS THE 75%" mini-flyers that I could post
in a very recognizable spot : street corner light posts.
Also, give the illusion that the flyer-er in fact did some
kind of deviant act involving traffic and their life.

The kicker : I got drunk before I did all this. This was in
tandem with my own feelings to the day and how to efficiently
go about the action of posting 11-13 of these down the Reno strip.
The lightposts turned out to be an efficient  tool in doing the
flyering, as they were "points of reference" for me to return to.
I did one pass by, flyering, and another documenting. As I was
drunk, I would not have noticed any old location.
I compare the depressed 75% to the repressed 99% of America.
Where does the intellect meet emotion? What percentage
of the emotionally damaged are truly 'physically' damaged?

Printed and sliced up into divisions.


B : Northern Arts Forum
Timeframe : 2.11.12-Ongoing

I created an actual, sort of rustic, art community for
this assignment out of thin air. It is called the Northern
Arts Forum. Run by the imaginary avatar, who can
be contacted at

In my academic art studies, I decided with this project
that is still ongoing to do a social experiment of sorts.
To test : A.) If students in the art school(s) truly notice
certain types of information that is attempted to be
fed to them and B.) if they'll be angry enough to reply.

In summarization, the letter commends student artists
on their strife in adhering to a certain philosophy of
imprisonment, thanking them for submitting to  the idea
of being an artist working for someone else and someone
else alone. That the artist is dumb, but the employer is not.

I may have made it too well, with the tacky clip-art looking
graphic, rustic aesthetic, and the overtly lengthly message. 
There was interaction at one point where the first time
this flyer was placed above the fountain (below), it was
seen removed the next day. I placed it there again.
And will, over and over, until results are seen
via e-mail. I'm hoping to get angry e-mails with
certain philosophies behind them. Or even better
(perhaps sadly so too), commending e-mails to me.

The full "flyer". I will update this
blog post as more discrepancies come,
which I what I am expecting/hope.

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