Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow-Art Experiment : "Remember the Isotopes"

This piece involves a little timed anticipation and using snow as a medium in lieu of using a landscape filled with snow.

Project : Remember the Isotopes, Snow + Gravel + Softball

This piece serves as possibly, and somewhat literally,
planting the seed for a larger endeavor down the line.
To summarize, one of my considerations for that is creating
a mockumentary/film/performance project with the
with the imaginary and mythical Reno Isotopes, kingpins of the 
white-collar softball league circa 1990s, reemerging with the
changing of the seasons once more to take back what's theirs.
The bigger picture will reveal something more in kinship to a
social commentary on sports-game culture and separations
between anticipation/fantasy and concrete results/reality.

As for this piece alone, it has more of a whimsical and
nostalgic charm that emphasizes the belief in superstition,
myth, and a willful competitiveness to ignite the spirits
of a city which is what I believe sports accomplishes.

(Captions below images for process.)

1a. A softball signed by every member of the Reno Isotopes.
Possibly at the terminal of their initial departure from one another.

1b. Alternative angle of the Isotope game ball.

1c. Alternative angle of the Isotope game ball.

2. Time for the myth to be born. The softball is
frozen overnight to take close to an organic shape.

3a. No time to install a myth like sunset.
I arrive at Memorial Park Diamond.
Not a soul around. The sun is sinking.

3b. The Reno Isotopes used to fill these seats
with their Thursday night games.

4. Planting it. Making a pattern for the
"mound" while loosening the artifact.

5. Layer One : The mythical game ball is
frozen solid from decades of passing through memory
and time. Through miracle chance, it found its way.

6. Layer Two : A thick sheet of snow and ice
nestles the artifact even more to keep
it from harm, upon real world re-entry.

7. Layer Three : Gravel, matching the diamond dirt,
is padded onto the snow sheet. Its a mystery if it
rose from the ground, as if it were a grave, or if
it simply blew in with the winds of Spring.

8. The mound is in place. The Isotopes
have spoken. They rise again.

9. Nothing left to do but walk away and let
the memory and myth alter what's real.

For those curious, this is the starting line-up of the RENO ISOTOPES-

1. Tim Marjones, SS (C), The Frontman. First man to practice. Last to pack it in. A clutch player.
2. Jake "The Snake" Dillon, LF, The Technical One. Bunts 50% of the time. Brings pet snake to batting practice.
3. Lucy Ramirez, P, The X-Factor. Her sidearm pitching style intimidates all. Especially with a 20% HBP stat.
4. Jack Vaughn, 3B, The Cleaner. A finely tuned, All-American ex-high school athlete. Likes the inside corner.
5. Willy Mills, C, The Minimalist. Mostly because of his smoking habit, he remains stagnant at catcher.
6. Vic Cobb, 1B, The Farmboy. He considers his aluminum bat hi-technology. That says it all.
7. Santino Borrego, CF, The Shotgun. Cousin of Tim Marjones. Known for incredible outfield double-play stat.
8. Ryan McCrady, RF, The Pain. A polarizing figure at batting practice. Whines a lot and starts a lot of drama.
9. "Coach" Nick Nemeth, 2B, The Dictator. An odd coach, but masterfully methodical. Hates umpires.

And of course, every game, they enter to their memorable theme-

Alan Parsons Project - "Eye in the Sky"

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